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Jul 29, 2010

Love U Rain or Shine card

Here is a card I made for my son.  He is 28 and I love him dearly.  But...that's all I can say.  I wish he would call me. 
This is a reg. 5 1/2" x 4 1/4 side fold card.  I cut the sun and the cloud out of the Everyday Paper Doll cart. The background paper is Tim Holt's and the cuts are out of the Rock Star pack by D&C.  Sorry the pic. is a little blurry but it's clearer and it doesn't have the flash glare like some of the others.  Momo is a good teacher and she posted some picture taking tips on her blog.
Made by her out she is very good. 
I hope he likes it and maybe he will call me.  We'll see.  Let me know what you think of it too.  Thanks for being here.  (smile)

1 comment:

  1. Cute Card. I love that Rockstar paper pack. I have it and use it for my teenage kids cards all the time.

    Here's hoping your son calls you wont be long and I will be in your shoes. They grow up so fast.

    Take Care