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Sep 23, 2010

8x8 Pocket Wall Hanger

I got this idea from Dizzyrus on YT.  She was sweet enough to do a video on how to put it together.  I'm using it in my craft room to put some things in I'v made and not ready to store.  The next one I do will be 12x12.  I will make one with a christmas theme and use it for cards. 


  1. wow it turned out really nice glad i helped you cant wait to see the rest that you make if you check out my mates blog JOZART her link is on the ideo she has some pretty cool 1s to plus other ideas on what you can make for them loving your papers did you stamp them?tfs hugs jayne xxxxx

  2. Hello~ just browsing your blog and it is lovely. This project in particular really jumped out at me.
    So beautiful.
    Your other cards & projects are really nice as well.
    Loved stopping by. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Take care,